Innovative facial skin care device LL Aurora Soft Care – includes a complex of modern cosmetology procedures: cleaning, nutrition, massage, RF lifting and LED therapy.

The LL Aurora Soft Care care device will give your skin radiance, shine, even tone and a healthy look at home. Carry out a complex of cosmetology procedures regularly (2-3 times a week) to get the maximum result of tight and smooth skin without wrinkles.

✅ Gentle care for all skin types

✅ Gives the skin a healthy look and glow

✅ Restores the skin structure and tones the facial muscles

✅ Lightweight and portable – suitable for home use and travel

You will need only 10 minutes for a full cycle of all cosmetology procedures. But the main feature of the LL Aurora Soft Care anti-wrinkle device is that all procedures are pleasant and gentle even for the most sensitive and thin skin.

The LL Aurora Soft Care care device combines 4 cosmetology rejuvenation technologies:
RF lifting

Active heating of the deep layers of the dermis using the effect of radio wave pulses on the skin activates its regenerative function. Blood circulation, lymph outflow, metabolism improve, fibroblast cells, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, are activated.


A modern method of rejuvenating the skin of the face in the world of hardware cosmetology, in which electric pulses help the active substances of cosmetology products penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis.

Under the influence of a low-power current, cell membranes expand, their permeability improves, and as a result, metabolic processes are accelerated. Ions are formed, which combine with cosmetic preparations and penetrate deep into the skin through the sebaceous glands. Enrichment can take place at a depth of about 5 mm, despite the fact that without the use of ions, the substance itself penetrates under the skin by only 1 mm. As a result, the effect of cosmetology products increases many times.

Positive ions: used for cleaning and brightening the skin, perfectly lighten pigment spots. Effectively use with cleaning products (gel, tonic).

Negative ions: make the skin more elastic, smooth wrinkles and enrich the skin with nutrients. It is effective to use with cream or vitamin serums.


Intense vibrations improve blood circulation, stimulate skin regeneration and make it more elastic. Regular vibration massage improves the color of the skin and gives a general relaxing effect.

LED therapy

Light therapy or LED therapy is a modern cosmetology rejuvenation procedure that is used not only in beauty salons, but also in SPA salons. Healing infrared SPA saunas are trendy anti-aging procedures in 2020. And the effect of such procedures is simply stunning!

The device for complex care LL Aurora Soft Care uses one of the most powerful light spectrums:

Red (620-665 nm): actively warms the deep layers of the dermis and stimulates collagen production. The skin becomes tight, smooth and elastic.

LL Aurora Soft Care care device:
healthy complexion;
tight and elastic skin;
improvement of blood circulation;
stimulation of collagen production, improvement of skin structure;
reduction of inflammatory processes;
narrowing of pores;
quick and effective absorption of nutrients from creams and masks.
Use the LL Aurora Soft Care facial skin care device regularly to achieve the maximum effect of radiant and healthy skin. And home cosmetology procedures will be as comfortable and effective as possible.

How to use the LL Aurora Soft Care facial skin care device?

Clean the skin of the face from makeup and sebum.
Apply a conductive gel to the skin for hardware procedures. Make sure there is enough gel for the device to move easily over the skin. For the maximum effect of rejuvenation, it is recommended to use a vitamin serum together with the gel.
Activate the device by pressing the “OK” button for 2 seconds. When turned on, the device will automatically select the “Cleansing” function (RF + iontophoresis + vibrations + RED light). Press the “OK” button to activate the selected function. The power of each mode can be adjusted from 1 to 6 using the “right / left” buttons.
The “up / down” buttons are intended for selecting the following mode:
NOURISHING: RF + iontophoresis + vibrations.
MASSING: RF + vibrations + RED light.
COLLAGEN: RF + vibrations + RED light.
To forcibly turn off the device, press the “OK” button for 2 seconds.
After the procedure, wash off the remaining gel with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream to the face.

IMPORTANTLY! If the device is not used for 1 minute, it will automatically turn off.