Serum for the face: why you need it and how to choose it

Serum for the face: why you need it and how to choose it
Serums relatively recently appeared in wide availability, and not all women had time to get to know them, evaluate their properties. But obviously everyone has heard a lot about these products, because only the lazy one does not talk about their miraculous effect. They moisturize, tone, nourish and in the truest sense of the word are a panacea for the skin. What is the reason for such an effective action and what is a serum for the face in general – we will understand below.

More about the product

Facial serums are cosmetic products with a non-greasy and light texture (with the exception of anti-aging products), also known as “serum”. They are created in the form of concentrated compositions based on biologically active components and substances with a high degree of permeability into the layers of the epidermis. Due to this feature, the products effectively moisturize and saturate the skin with useful elements.

Face serum differs from cream in greater bioavailability (better perceived by the body), concentrated composition and light texture. These properties provide a faster and more intense effect. After application, the facial serum literally immediately begins to act. The skin becomes moisturized, smooth, pleasant to the touch, the feeling of tightness disappears. It is very important to figure out how to use face serum and on what basis to choose compositions.

What role does the product play in care?

Why use serum, if today there are creams and all kinds of tonics / toners, lotions in great availability? First of all, in order to quickly solve one or two skin problems. These funds are characterized by a target action. They work only in one or two directions, but they solve the problem thoroughly. That is why you need to choose a product for its intended purpose, and not for the type of skin.

Understanding the question of why serum is needed, we note the main goals for which these funds are used:

reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity;
elimination of tightness and normalization of moisture balance;
optimization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands and activation of blood circulation;
restoration of elasticity and improvement of skin tone;
protection from negative environmental factors;
whitening and elimination of hyperpigmentation.
In any case, the product instantly transforms the appearance. One can not even doubt the question of whether face serum is needed: as we can see from the spectrum of action, it can solve any problems of both young and mature skin. Do not neglect the opportunity to improve your appearance. However, it is important to understand how to use face serum. Consider the most common questions on this topic.

Features of the use of funds

Those who are just getting acquainted with the product do not always know how to use a face serum so that it will surely provide the desired effect. The fact is that in skin care, all activities are divided into stages according to the spectrum of action. First comes cleansing, then toning, moisturizing, etc. Each of these stages has its own means. As a result, a reasonable question arises as to when to use a face serum in daily care: instead of a product or as an independent composition, given the purpose?

Let’s just say that nothing needs to be replaced. Serum in cosmetology is an independent tool that is used in combination with other products. Moreover, the combination is a prerequisite for the serum to begin to act. Efficiency directly depends on the correct use of the product. How to apply serum on the face in order to surely achieve the predicted result? We will answer this and other common questions below:

At what stage of care should I use the product? It is recommended to apply the serum after the tonic, before applying the cream.
Do I need to rinse off? No, it should be left on the face until completely absorbed, and then continue with care.
How to use the serum correctly? It should be applied immediately after tonic or toner, on still damp skin, to ensure more effective penetration into the layers of the epidermis. In this case, it is necessary to immediately apply the cream to “close” the serum on the skin, to prevent it from evaporating.

How often should I apply face serum? This product is suitable for daily regular care at any time of the year. Since these products are characterized by a highly specialized action, constant use will help maintain the skin in good condition.
How long can the face serum be used? The first tangible results will become noticeable after 7-10 days. Some products provide an instant effect, transforming the skin immediately after application. However, the period of use directly depends on the expiration date from the moment the package is opened. If time permits, then you can apply it on an ongoing basis until the remedy runs out, and then buy a new one.
How to apply serum on the face? This should be done with a special pipette that comes with liquid formulations. Gel-like are usually sold