The other day I met with a close friend Anya, and her first question was not “How are you doing?”, But “I saw your new Foreo brush on Instagram. How is she to you? And this is not strange – working as a beauty editor, for many years I honestly share my impressions about certain products, recommend the appropriate moisturizer or hair mask. Therefore, for the next 30 minutes we talked about the new brush for facial cleansing and toning massage Foreo Luna 3 – I had something to surprise Anya.

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush

Firstly, this novelty of the Swedish cosmetic brand helps to qualitatively perform one of the most important tasks of the beauty routine – deep cleansing of the skin. Pores clogged with dust, excess sebum and makeup residue often cause inflammation, irritation and acne, as well as the fact that the beneficial components of serums and creams are not able to penetrate deep into the skin, reducing the ability of beauty products to a minimum. In the case of Luna 3, the bristles deserve special praise, which, in comparison with previous generations of Luna devices, have become much longer and softer. This means that they cleanse the skin more delicately and efficiently: I discovered this immediately, after the first use. More recently, I wrote that the only troubles that my skin gives me are hypersensitivity and very narrow pores, but after the summer season with its accompanying bathing all day and tanning during the hot hours, everything has changed. I recently had a skin test at one of Kiehl’s corners and was surprised to hear, “Severely dehydrated after sunburn has made your skin oily. The sebaceous glands are working at full capacity. This happens when the skin is actively trying to hydrate itself.” So it turned out that I started using powder to mask oily sheen.

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush I, who usually suffer from dryness and tightness, did not expect such a dirty trick from the skin. That’s why Foreo’s new Luna 3 Facial Cleansing Brush, designed for combination skin, came in very handy.

Recently, on the protruding parts of the face – the nose, forehead and chin, closer to dinner, an ugly oily sheen began to appear. Instead of injuring my skin with aggressive scrubs with large particles, I opted for evening cleansing with Caudalie’s Instant Foamig Cleanser and Institut Esthederm’s L’Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser.

The effect was not long in coming: already after the first trip to the shower with Luna 3, the skin became more matte, the complexion became more even, and the problem areas – the nose, chin and cheeks, ceased to shine. At the same time, the brush provides not only an instant, but also a prolonged result: on the fifth day, the skin became less reactive, and the number of irritations and redness decreased.

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush

These are not the only bonuses from the fact that the new Luna 3 appeared on my bathroom shelf. The fact is that it is a multi-tasker due to the ability to turn into a toning massager for the face, neck and décolleté. Thus, facial care at home is complemented by a pleasant massage that provides lifting, helps fight creases, wrinkles and other signs of aging. The brush is capable of performing four types of massage, so I canceled the appointment with the beautician – I have a round face shape, and once a week I went for a face-massage procedure. But now I spend two to four minutes every night on one of the four types of massage. My favorite options are a sculpting massage to firm the contours of the face and a gentle massage around the eyes and lips.

And also – a joy for millennials who do not let their smartphone out of their hands, all Luna 3 brushes work, including through the Foreo application. The application clearly demonstrates how to properly cleanse all areas of the face, and also helps you choose one of 16 pulsation intensities – thanks to this, you can bring deep impurities, excess sebum, and makeup residues to the surface (did you know that they can penetrate deep into the pores and stay inside skin?), and not injure the skin. Fact: Not once after using the brush did I feel a feeling of tightness and dryness. And it’s priceless.

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush

By pairing the face wash with the Foreo for You app, I have access to massage techniques with Luna 3 that make my skin firmer and more radiant every day. For example, Eyes on the Prize’s 2-minute massage is great for toning the eye area and eliminating my morning puffiness problem with a combination of low and high intensity pulsations. The second option is the two-minute Nothing but Neck treatment, designed to work out the muscles of the neck and décolleté, which tightens and firms the skin. Another short but effective massage is a firming two-minute Mouth Magic for the area around the mouth. The longest treatment is a four-minute Contour Crazy massage, which will be appreciated by all girls who dream of getting a clear facial contour, chiseled cheekbones and a graceful chin line. This type of massage contours the face and makes it clearly defined, forms the cheekbones and jaw line. I, as a person who has admired Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones all my adult life, finally notice that my face has become more sculpted and embossed – there is no limit to happiness!

The app not only allows you to time your personal skincare and massage treatments, but it also comes with a “Find My Luna” feature that helps me find my facial massage brush wherever I leave it. A very useful option, since the blue baby often travels with me and even visits the gym, where I cleanse the skin of sweat and excess sebum after each workout.