Testosterone Boosters

Sports Nutrition: Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are a range of sports supplements aimed at increasing muscle mass, burning fat, and developing strength and endurance. The main property of this type of sports nutrition is the stimulation of the natural production of testosterone in the body.

As the basis of such a sports nutrition, various components of plant and animal origin (sometimes synthetic trace elements) are used, which affect the increase in testosterone levels. Booster supplements are used by professional and non-professional athletes (men and women) to increase muscle volume and improve relief in the shortest possible time.

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Unlike steroid hormones and anabolics, testosterone boosters do not increase the level of the hormone above the acceptable limit in the body. For this reason, boosters are suitable for both men and women (tribulus in particular). Despite this, we recommend that you consult with your physician before taking supplements.

On our website you can buy testosterone boosters produced by ZeinPharma (Germany), Nosorog (Ukraine), All Nutrition and UNS Nutrition (Poland), Biotech USA Nutrition, (USA), Progress Nutrition (Hungary). Choose the right sports nutrition that increases testosterone levels on the site. Here are supplements in tablets, capsules, in the form of a powder mixture in various volumes and dosages.

Testosterone Booster: Why Athletes Take These Supplements
To answer this question, let’s go backwards. The fact is that a low level of testosterone in the body leads to rapid catabolism of muscle mass. At the same time, reduced testosterone contributes to the formation of body fat, sleep disturbance, memory impairment and concentration. For this reason, by increasing the natural production of the hormone, stimulant supplements lead to the opposite effect.

Muscle Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Intensive growth of muscle mass in an optimally short period;
Development of strength, endurance and increase in muscle volume as a result of training;
Stimulation of metabolism and active fat burning;
Prolongation of the period of growth and retention of muscle volumes;
Stimulation of cellular regeneration and recovery after exercise;
Improved concentration and calmness.
Varieties of testosterone boosters
Tribulus. A very well-known natural supplement for stimulating testosterone production. It is obtained from Tribulus terrestris. Helps to increase muscle growth, stimulate fat burning and improve relief, as well as improve concentration and calm the nervous system. Testosterone stimulators of this type are suitable for women and men.
D-aspartic acid. Powder supplement that stimulates the production of testosterone and luteinizing hormone. As a result, it helps to increase muscle volume, prompt recovery after exercise, increases strength, endurance, improves concentration and brain function. Suitable for men.
Yohimbine. Supplement in the form of tablets. The action of yohimbine is aimed at blocking alpha-adrenergic receptors and the release of catecholamine hormone. This leads to the burning of body fat and the conversion of fat calories into heat.

The supplement does not enhance the release of adrenaline. It is also a testosterone booster, enhances blood circulation in the genitals. Suitable for men and taken on the advice of a doctor.
Poppy. The supplement is produced in the form of powder and tablets based on maca root. It normalizes the level of testosterone in the blood, helps to strengthen the immune system, blood vessels, stimulates the production of collagen.
We point out that all these supplements are aimed at increasing the level of testosterone, therefore, they lead not only to an improvement in strength and muscle mass, but also to an increase in libido.

As a rule, they are suitable for use in the morning during or after meals. Overdose of drugs can be hazardous to health, so it is important not to exceed the dosage indicated by the manufacturer.

Buy testosterone boosters

age up to 20-23 years;
arterial hypertension;
the presence of cardiovascular diseases;
kidney failure;
increased secretion of testosterone;
individual intolerance to the components of additives;
pregnancy and feeding.
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