How to choose a face cream?

We often hear from our clients questions like: how to choose the right face cream, what to pay attention to so that the product pleases in every sense? Many indicate that earlier in this business they started from the recommendations of girlfriends or beauty experts from the Internet, tried advertised cosmetic products, and even took those that they liked simply because of the packaging. But, as you might guess, the effects of the application in most cases did not live up to expectations. And all because such selection criteria are erroneous. It’s like hitting the sky with your finger – the chance of choosing a face cream that won’t let you down is minimal.

However, if you approach this problem from the other side, then it will most likely be solved with an excellent result. How to choose a face cream, so as not to make a mistake – read on.

Let’s start with the basics, or Why do you need a face cream?

Understanding the purpose of any cosmetic product is the first and main step towards the right choice. Face cream is no exception. So why is it developed and used? Let’s talk about its key features:

  • moisturizing (saturation of the skin with moisture + keeping it in the cells);
  • nutrition with useful substances;
  • inhibition of aging processes;
  • protection from negative external influences;
  • recovery;
  • reduction of inflammation, rashes, irritations;
  • matting;
  • lightening, whitening age spots;
  • tightening (lifting effect);
  • preparation for applying makeup;
  • improving the overall appearance of the skin.

So, according to the functional purpose, face creams are moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, sebum-regulating, whitening, restoring, softening, tightening, anti-aging, etc. This is one of the main criteria that you should focus on when deciding which face cream to buy. Determine what you need it for, and choose from the means of suitable functionality. Then you take into account other, no less important, criteria, asking questions: how to choose a moisturizer, how to choose a nourishing face cream, and the like.

How to choose the right face cream?

Considering, in addition to the appointment, the following:

1. Type and features of the skin. Be sure to look on the label or in the product description for what type of skin the product is suitable for:

dry skin primarily needs intensive hydration, the ability of the cream to retain moisture in the skin layers (how to choose a cream for dry skin, our consultants will tell you in more detail);
oily has a primary need to regulate the production of sebum, as well as getting rid of oily sheen (keep this in mind before choosing a cream for oily skin);
normal – the most problem-free, but it also requires suitable cosmetic products, moderately moisturizing, nourishing, softening and delaying signs of aging in time;
with a combined one, on the contrary, it is most difficult, because different areas will need different products (call – and we will guide you on how to choose a cream for combination facial skin).
If the skin is dehydrated (not to be confused with dry), it needs a cream that can maximally (from various angles) work on moisturizing: supply moisture, seal it inside, form a healthy lipid barrier. If sensitive, the calming effect comes to the fore, the ability of the cream to fight peeling, relieve redness and irritation. For problematic skin, care is relevant that eliminates blackheads, rashes and inflammation. And for fading – with firming and lifting effects.

2. Age. How to choose the right face cream for your age? Considering: what is good at 20 years old will not work at 30, 40, and even more so at 50+. The reverse situation is similar: anti-aging creams for older women are not an option for young girls, because not only do they not help solve urgent problems, but they can also do harm (the skin can simply “forget how” to renew itself on its own, since there will be no have such a need). Everything has its time.

Each age period has specific needs and for each you should choose your own remedy:

  • up to 25 years, the most simple formulas are suitable, providing for natural ingredients. Light moisturizing is welcome, if necessary – matting;
  • at 25-35 it is worth using a good moisturizer that has additional functions, for example, nutrition, sun protection, etc .;
  • at 35-45, the need for complex saturation with vitamins, coenzymes and other useful substances is actualized;
  • after 45-50 years, appropriate powerful anti-aging cosmetics should be used, taking into account hormonal changes and slow metabolism when developing.
    3. Composition. How to choose a face cream by composition? The best is when efficiency, naturalness and safety are combined.

The most remarkable in this regard are creams with hyaluronic acid, which attracts and retains water, strengthens, improves elasticity, and protects against external negatives.

The real find is a face cream with collagen. It is characterized by excellent moisture retention, lifting the oval, leveling the relief, slowing down the aging process, and many other positive effects.

A cream with glycolic acid shows itself well, which perfectly renews and regenerates the skin, stimulates the growth of new cells, plus increases the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid and collagen with all the attendant benefits.

Of the more exotic ingredients for our culture, we can recommend snail mucin and black caviar extract. The first is designed to soften, even out color and texture, brighten, soothe and moisturize. The second is a source of essential amino acids that protects against the action of free radicals, smoothes, tightens and firms, as well as improves the definition of facial contours.

4. Application time. This refers to the time of day: morning or evening. The division of creams into day and night is not a marketing ploy. It provides a difference in actions on the skin.

Day cream for the face replenishes the needs of the skin after waking up: moisturizes, prepares for contact with the sun, wind, dust, changes in humidity and temperature during various activities during the day. It has a lighter texture. It can be used as early as adolescence.

Night face cream is designed to take care of the skin after all the negatives transferred during the day. It restores, nourishes, deeply moisturizes, levels age-related changes. Its texture is denser and heavier. The relevance of its application appears closer to 30 years.

As you can imagine, day and night creams are not interchangeable.

5. Seasonality. One remedy for a whole year is not the right approach.

Before choosing a face cream for the summer, you should understand that it should protect well from ultraviolet radiation and normalize water balance. It should be as light as possible and not clog pores.

How to choose a face cream for the winter? With the expectation that it should protect against cold weather, strong winds, dry indoor air, which requires additional nutrition with vitamins and microelements, which does not lose its relevance moisturizing. The preferred consistency is oily.

For transitional demi-season periods, which are characterized by increased skin stress from sudden weather changes, protective, moisturizing, nourishing and vitamin-rich natural creams are best suited. Autumn is a great time for bleaching products that reduce the appearance of pigmentation.