Where to get energy from in poker

Poker tournament is one of the forms of poker, where players must buy starting stacks from the organizers to participate, and the funds collected from the purchase will form the prize fund. It is important that all players contribute equal buy-ins and receive equal starting stacks. Tournament poker is a fight for chips with increasing blinds and antes.

The conditions and structure are approved by the organizers, but there are several basic principles:

  • First, a player who has lost chips leaves the tournament;
  • Secondly, leaving the tournament, the player takes some place in it;
  • Thirdly, the fact of receiving a win and its size is determined by the place that the player took in the poker tournament.

In addition, the tournament game can be divided into online poker tournaments and offline tournaments, the largest of which are held within the framework of special game series.

How to play poker tournaments?


First, you need to determine the type you are interested in!

  • MTT – participants are located at more than one gaming table.
  • STT – the number of participants of which does not exceed 10 people.
  • SnG – has a limited number of participants. It starts as soon as all the places are occupied by the players.
  • Spin`N Go is a type of SnG where the prize pool is determined randomly.
  • Satellite – a tournament, the prize of which is a ticket to a tournament with a higher value.

Since the rooms need to please the players with variety, there are several types of online poker tournaments:

Shootout is a type of MTT in which there is no automatic even distribution of players at the tables. The winners of their tables play against each other on a new table – and so on until the final table is formed.

Heads-Up is a type of MTT, 2-max shootout tournaments. Players play one-on-one until a winner is determined.

Rebuy – for participants there is an opportunity in case of losing chips to buy new ones. The period, number and possible size of the rebuy is regulated separately. Often, after the end of the rebuy period, players are offered to make an add-on (for a fee, the player will receive additional chips). Once all rebuys and additions have been made, the final prize pool for the tournament will be announced.

Re-entry – it is possible to re-register in the event in case of a loss. After departure, the player can check in while late check-in is available.

Knockout – participants receive a reward for knocking other players out of the tournament.

6-Max (4-max) – instead of the usual 10 places at the table, only 6 (4) are provided.

Turbo and HyperTurbo – fast growth of blinds is provided.

Time Limit – Tournaments with a limited duration. As soon as the tournament time is up, the prize pool is distributed among the remaining participants according to the size of their stacks.

Zoom – participants can fold and move to a new table formed from random participants in the tournament.

Each of the above types requires some special qualities from the player. For example, 6-max (4-max) tournaments involve more post-flop play, while turbo and hyperturbo tournaments often come down to banal push-fold.

Where can you try your hand?

Tournament poker, among other things, contains a competitive element. This makes him popular among players, especially NLHE. This is not a secret for poker rooms, and therefore you can try the tournament game everywhere. Another thing is that tournaments will differ depending on the room.

How to win a poker tournament?

To win at poker, you must play well. Tournament poker needs a little more, because the winnings are distributed only among the players in ITM. This, in turn, can create a misperception of one’s own game. You can play your best game for long evenings and still eat processed foods and grits on the water. The RNG will judge everyone, and the one who was unlucky in the deep tournament goes to sleep!

To take energy in tournaments, protein shakes will help you.

Proteins are the main building blocks of muscle cells. The protein compounds contained in meat, fish or vegetable products include fats and carbohydrates in their composition, which is due to the vital activity of the organism from which the food was obtained.

Protein blends are an integral part of an athlete’s diet. Protein itself is necessary for our body as a building material. However, many people believe that protein is bad. Is this true? Is protein bad? What are the possible side effects for people who take protein?

Proteins or proteins are very important to humans and their life. They fulfill the function of a building material of our body. Hair, nails, and muscle tissue are all made of protein. The human body needs a certain amount of protein in order to maintain its shape. This necessary consumption rate is determined by personal characteristics and lifestyle. It should be remembered that a person consumes protein throughout the day and needs it even during sleep. Large amounts of this substance are needed to maintain muscle mass, so the bigger it is, the more protein the body needs. Too little protein can lead to skin and hair problems, among many other unpleasant consequences. When the body doesn’t have enough protein to function properly, it starts extracting protein from muscle mass, which destroys the muscle. In this regard, the main benefit of eating protein is to prevent muscle tissue from burning and deforming.

Proteins: the rate of consumption

In order for proteins not to harm the body, you need to remember that the main thing is to comply with the rate of their consumption. In order for the human body to function normally, you need to consume 1 g of protein daily for every kg of weight. At the same time, half of all proteins taken should come from plant-based proteins. From plants, a large amount of protein is found in asparagus, legumes and peas. Another part of the diet is animal proteins. A person may well receive such an amount of proteins through his ordinary diet. However, people who experience great physical exertion can be classified as a separate group. So, athletes who are constantly involved in the gym, trying to build muscle mass, should increase their daily protein intake by 1.5–2 times. This fact is explained by the fact that when receiving heavy loads, cell renewal in the body occurs much faster and, in order to recover, they need building material, which is proteins. At the same time, it is very important that the excess of the protein intake does not lead to an increase in the intake of fats and carbohydrates. This is where protein blends come in to help athletes by helping to increase their protein intake without getting too much of the other nutrients found in food.

But there are also pitfalls. The fact is that such cocktails do not bring a feeling of fullness. A glass of protein powder you drink is equivalent to a glass of water or juice. Therefore, many people who consume them cannot control themselves and increase their protein intake too much, and this threatens with unpleasant consequences. Therefore, if you have already decided to take proteins in this form, you need to follow the measure. If you are involved in sports that involve constant heavy physical exertion, then protein intake will do more good than harm. And, nevertheless, know the measure. You need to strictly calculate the amount of protein in your diet so as not to exceed the consumption rate.

For a set of muscles

Against the background of active training, the muscles can be overloaded, the fibers are destroyed. To prevent this process, amino acids are needed that restore proteins in the fibers. In addition, without enough protein, muscles do not grow. Therefore, those who play sports need foods that contain protein. For example, you can drink protein shakes. And if food sources are not enough, it is worth supplementing the diet with special additives.

For weight loss

Many people believe that in order to lose weight you need to starve. This is wrong: you need to eat, but a calorie deficit in the diet is important. It should contain less carbohydrates and fats, but more protein components. They saturate well and for a long time at a low calorie content, help to gradually reduce weight without stress, getting rid of fat deposits in problem areas.

When losing weight, it is protein that provides enough energy, maintains performance and endurance at the right level, and prevents the body from switching to extreme energy saving mode, which makes it so difficult to effectively lose weight and burn fat.

But it is important to combine a change in nutrition with physical activity, without this a slim figure cannot be achieved.

Types of protein

Depending on what raw materials are used to obtain protein and production technology, the following types of product are distinguished:

  • whey, obtained from whey. Usually the composition also contains fats and lactose, so it is more suitable for athletes gaining muscle mass;
  • casein is a milk protein that is digested for a long time and can replace meals, especially if taken before bedtime;
  • hydrolyzate – purified protein without impurities, partially split into peptides, which is obtained from beef or whey;
  • isolate – refers to fast-digesting proteins suitable for weight loss, since it contains almost no impurities;
  • soy protein: it is obtained from plant sources, so it is suitable for vegetarians. The composition contains many useful amino acids (arginine, glutamine and others);
  • egg protein – contains few carbohydrates against the background of a high protein content;
  • Milk protein isolate is a product that combines the properties of casein and whey proteins.

A tournament poker player needs: time; endurance; basic poker skills; special skills and knowledge of a tournament poker player; correct psychology; set game strategy; So for the game you need a large amount of protein.

Strategy for playing poker tournaments

The basic concepts of most strategies can be summarized in a few statements:

  • In weak compositions, c-betting is the head of everything.
  • When approaching the bubble, keep the ICM in mind.
  • It’s not your cards that matter to tournament play, but your position at the table.

When placing a bet, the player must clearly understand whether he is knocking her opponent out of the pot or getting from him.

The least you can do to advance in tournament poker is self-study. Closing the “VK” tab in the browser will bring a little more. Definitely useful will be the use of special software, and you can get the maximum benefit by hiring a coach.

The coach is able to share not only experience, but also an advantage over the field. It’s about thinking, approach to the game, the path of further development—everything that makes winning players successful.